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Kids Power Summer Camp

In Person Super Talking Tots Classes (Ages 4-5)

980 El Camino Real Suite #380
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Super Talking Tots

Super Talking Tots is great for helping little ones learn how to express themselves with confidence and clarity at an early age. In this class, children are gently coached to overcome shyness as they share their fantastic thoughts with each other. Games are played giving each child the spotlight and the socialization they need at this important stage. This class fosters vocal projection and ideal articulation.

Focus on super skills: social-emotional connection, eye contact, body language, friendships, and confidence

Saturday Schedule

Fall Sat Sept 10th-Dec 10th

Winter Sat Jan 7th-Marc 18th

Spring Sat March 25th- June 3rd

Fall Semester Schedule:

Saturday Classes 10:00-10:50 am

Sept 10th-December 10th



Tiny Tot Private Coaching

Sometimes kids need a little extra care and time to help them overcome shyness and learn to express themselves confidently. Private coaching is just the right mix of fun and skill building to help your child gently grow.

Ages 4-5

One hour Private Coaching Sessions $150.00

Multiple session discount packages available