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In Person Little Power Classes (Ages 6-9)

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Little Power Classes Schedule

Little Leadership

Little Leadership is fantastic for kids who may feel a bit shy and need a supportive stage in which to learn to shine. It is also great fun for those kiddos that love the spotlight! Our unique "learn as you lead" classroom environment teaches kids to quickly overcome insecurities, and eagerly hop out of their shells in front of their peers! Coaching is gently given on vocal projection, eye contact, and speaking with pizzaz as kids grow in confidence.

Tuesday Schedule 4:00-5:00pm

Winter Tues Jan 10th-March 21st

Spring Tues March 28th-May 30th

Saturday Schedule 11:00-12:00

Winter Sat Jan 14th-March 18th

Spring Sat March 25th- June 3rd



Little Senators Debate

Little Senators is a fun imaginative class where kids get to act like a senator and debate fun kid friendly topics as they learn to speak on their feet, listen carefully to others and debate their point of view. This is a great class for the little lawyer in the family as well as for kids wanting to learn to speak confidently in front of their peers.

Saturday Schedule 12:00-1:00pm

Winter Thurs Jan 12th- March 23rd

Spring Thurs March 30th-June 1st



Little Social Skills Class

Social Power Class is a wonderful way for children to build friendships, and learn how to reconnect to others after time away with covid. Kids will play games while learning how to recognize a real friendship, how to make friends as they build conversational skills. Kids will also practice problem-solving tricky social situations such as learning to recognize when you are being treated unkindly by others as well as the steps to being heard. Finally, we will learn how to make bullies go away and learn how to be treated respectfully by others. Join us for this very important week of fun, friendship, and learning!

Wednesday Schedule 4:00-5:00pm

Winter Weds Jan 11th-March 22nd

Spring Weds March 29th-May 31st

Saturday Schedule

Winter Sat Jan 14th-March 18th

Spring Sat March 25th- June 3rd



Little Authors

Little Authors is a great class for kids who have a fantastic imagination and need a little help getting those ideas on the page. In this class your child will learn how to write an Action Adventure/ Fairy Tale story! This class uses storytelling and our plot map method to bring out the Author in your child.

Monday Schedule 4:00-5:00pm

Winter Mon Jan 9th-March 20th

Spring Mon March 27th- May 22nd



Harry Potter Reading Comprenhion Class

Its time for kids to make friends and Socialize! Social Club is a fun place to go on Fridays for a fun filled afternoon of games social connection and friendship. During our Free Talks Time kids cam bring up any topics they want to discuss. Kids will share what is on their minds, then connect with each other through board games or socialize.

Thursdays at 4:00-5:00 pm

Winter Thursday Jan 12th-March 24th

Spring Thursday March 31st- June 2nd



Little Leaders Private Coaching

Sometimes kids need a little extra care and time to help them overcome shyness and learn to express themselves confidently. Private coaching is just the right mix of fun and skill building to help your child gently grow.

Ages 6-9

Areas of Coaching Include:

Motivational Coaching

Public Speaking Coaching

Friendship and Social Skill Coaching

Bullying Coaching

Private Coaching Sessions $150

Discounted Coaching Packages available

Little Private Mock Interview Prep

This 3 Session Course helps kids by demystifying the interview process & quickly prepares your child to ace the interview to get acceptance at the school of their choice. Your child will learn the interview process, prepare and practice with their coach, and go to their interview polished ready to shine!

Ages 6-9

3 Private one hour sessions (booked near school interview dates)

Private Mock Interview Prep Fee $420 Times to be scheduled by parent)