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Description of Services

Kid Power Academy offers fun communication classes that are designed to help children to confidently speak in front of others, and develop leadership skills in its students. Our classes are exciting and teach leadership skills in a fun learning environment. We emphasize the importance of proper body language, eye contact, and communication skill development through are proven Kid Power Method. We use: interactive games, peer encouragement, and positive coaching to bring out the confident leader in each child.

Student’s Responsibilities

Attendance for each class is mandatory. (Each class builds on the skills learned in the previous class.)

Students must be in class and ready for instruction by class start time.

Each student will prepare and present one power work project per class.

Each child will practice for this presentation, and prepare visual aids that will be created, and brought to class each day. These can be charts, collages, or other items that help the audience to better understand the speech being presented.

Guardian Responsibilities

The Guardians are equal partners in this learning process and agree to work together with the Student to prepare for the presentations that are delivered.

Photography/ Film

  • Filming of presentations is a part of our high quality programming, and is used as a tool for technique and self esteem building. A link of your child’s performances can be ordered at the end of the class for a fee.
  • Film and photographs taken during our classes are the property of KEA and images are subject to copyright laws and property of KEA. Photos and clips may be featured as a part of our Leadership Gallery.

!Behavior Clause

  • Because of the nature of our work its vital that students support one another. A Student may be removed from the program if:
  • Student is not able to fully participate in the program; or
  • Student often disrupts the class; or doesn’t support the other leaders
  • Teacher feels removal is appropriate for the benefit of the class.

No Refund

  • if Student cannot attend a class due to a vacation taken by Student or the Guardians;
  • if Student misses one or more non-consecutive classes but not more than four consecutive classes because of illness (short term illness); and in this case a class credit is issued
  • if Student misses class because of a family illness or other personal circumstance


Class can be cancelled under the following circumstances and will either reschedule or refunded

  • f the total number of students per class is below 2; or
  • if the location for the class is unavailable, unsuitable or unsafe; orv
  • if Teacher becomes ill; or
  • if Teacher for any other reason is unable to run classes.

In the case a parent needs to cancel a class

  • Cancellations made after the 2nd week of the class will be given class credit
  • If a parent is moving out of the area and cannot take class credit a prorated refund will apply
  • A $50 fee processing fee will be applied to all cancellations


KPA shall not be liable to for any claims or liability arising from the misconduct of the “Location/building” its employees, and or other Students & Guardians attending the program.